Preserving the Rich Architectural History of New Orleans

New Orleans is one of America’s most unique and beautiful cities. From the French Quarter’s historic architecture to the Garden District’s opulent mansions, the city’s architecture reflects its varied and storied history. 

Preserving New Orleans architecture helps maintain the city’s distinctive character, including Cajun food and jazz music, which adds to its recognition as one of America’s most beloved cities. 

Owners of historic New Orleans buildings can help maintain the city’s culture by maintaining their properties, protecting them from structural damage, and keeping them faithful to their original design. 

Discover how Certain Management works with property owners to preserve historical New Orleans buildings and keep the charm of this one-of-a-kind city alive. 

Why Preserve?

New Orleans is over 300 years old, with different layers of architecture sprinkled throughout its many diverse neighborhoods. French and Spanish influences created an original architecture known as Creole Style, which can only be found in The Big Easy.

Due to flooding and hurricanes, some promote ripping down old houses and building new, energy and land-use-efficient buildings. This strategy has led to the tearing down of pre-Civil War era buildings and the loss of homes where prominent local jazz musicians lived. Famous obituary writer John Pope laments the loss of these historic buildings that were destroyed in the name of progress. 

These old buildings help to tell New Orleans’ story. Replacing them erases a part of the city’s rich history, disconnecting the community from its roots. To preserve these architectural pieces is to protect the area and pass it on to the next generation with its vibrant culture and unique cityscape intact. 

How to Preserve

Preserving is more than just saving the buildings from being torn down. Preserving the structure means keeping it in a good state of repair and fixing structural or mechanical issues before they damage the property. It also ensures the building’s design remains true to its original architecture and layout. 

This work requires homeowners and property management in New Orleans to keep a close eye on buildings and clear any renovations with the city’s Historic District Landmarks Commission and local preservation groups.  

How Property Managers Can Help

Property managers and Condominium Management in New Orleans can be stewards of these significant buildings. Certain Management property managers have taken the lead in preserving buildings like 1319 Decatur St in the French Quarter and 7000 Magazine in Uptown. They have worked to keep these buildings in excellent condition while protecting the historic architecture and keeping them a welcome home for tenants.

The dedicated property managers with Certain Management go the extra mile to keep these properties safe, comfortable, and historically protected, not just for the current occupants but for future generations. 

Our property maintenance services provide 24/7 emergency services and routine property inspections, focusing on elements like fire prevention and hurricane preparedness to keep historic buildings intact.  

Save Our Architecture, Save Our City

Preserving New Orleans’ historic architecture helps keep the city’s unique character alive. Treasuring these buildings honors generations before and gives future residents and visitors a rich cultural history to explore. Certain Management is dedicated to helping do its part to ensure that New Orleans stays special and remains one of the most beautiful cities in the nation. 

Contact Certain Management today to learn more about historic property maintenance services for your New Orleans area building.

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