Remembering The Anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina, Ida, & Isaac

August 29th marks the anniversary of three devastating hurricanes that profoundly impacted the New Orleans area. Hurricanes Katrina, Ida, and Isaac brought destruction to the gulf coast, and for many, this day marks some of the most painful times in the area’s history. Today we celebrate the resilient spirit of New Orleans by remembering the anniversary of hurricanes Katrina, Ida, & Isaac.

Despite the damage caused by these storms, the city of New Orleans continues to rebuild its structures and communities. After each event, the city’s people come together to help one another, and communities rally to rebuild the city, restore its unique charm, showcasing their resilient nature.

Hurricane Alley

Since records began in 1842, five Category 5 hurricanes have hit the Louisiana Gulf Coast: Last Island in 1856, Chenier Chaminanda in 1893, Betsy in 1965, Laura in 2020, and Ida in 2021. Hurricane Katrina was a category 5 in the Gulf of Mexico but weakened to a Category 4 just before landfall, and Hurricane Isaac made landfall as a Category 1 storm. 

Every year brings storms, and many are damaging, like Ida, Katrina, and Isaac. These storms claim lives, destroy homes, and submerge streets as they track inland, sometimes causing torrential rain as far away as New York. Each time, New Orleans builds back stronger.

Good Community Management in Times of Need

Certain Management is a New Orleans-based property management firm that provides third-party management of residential townhouses and condominium communities. We proudly serve the greater New Orleans area with headquarters just north of the city in Metairie.

As a local, New Orleans-based company, we know all too well the hardships hurricanes bring to our communities. That’s why we go the extra mile to take care of every property and its residents in the aftermath of these natural disasters.

In the wake of these terrible storms, Certain Management works tirelessly to ensure that families have their utilities restored, damage fixed, and lives returned to normal as quickly as possible. 

We pride ourselves on ensuring that the complexes managed by Certain Management can weather any storm, and we prepare for each event accordingly. Before landfall, we secure our managed properties and alert tenants to potential dangers. We monitor flood levels and wind speeds during a storm to assess potential damage. Once the storm passes, we work with local contractors to repair elements as soon as possible.

If you are looking for condominium management in New Orleans, contact Certain Management today. We are experts in property management in New Orleans and can help you prepare your property and rebuild in the wake of area hurricanes. 

Contact us today at (504) 342-2554, or send us a message to learn how our property management services can help you take care of your property and tenants year-round. 

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