Fire Prevention and Safety For Property Owners

Owning property in New Orleans means preparing your condominium or rental home for potential disasters. From hurricanes to fires, it’s vital to know what steps to take to prevent damage to your property. 

Review the following fire safety and prevention tips to help you protect your investment and tenants. Work with Certain Management and their professional property management team in New Orleans to implement fire safety procedures for your condominium.


Fire safety starts with prevention. As a property owner, you can take several steps to prevent fires from occurring: 

  • Obey fire codes. Familiarize yourself with local fire code regulations and ensure your property is up-to-date with all requirements. Historical New Orleans properties may require updates to bring your building up to code. 
  • Conduct routine fire safety checks. Work with your property management company to conduct monthly fire safety checks. Checks should include ensuring fire alarms work correctly and that emergency exits and escape routes are easily accessible. 
  • Ensure the property is in good condition. Ensure your property remains in good condition to help prevent fires. For example, have your property maintenance team repair or replace electrical elements, HVAC systems, and smoke alarms, and maintain landscaping elements to prevent the spread of fire.

Detection and Communication

Even the best prevention can’t always protect. Be prepared in the event of a fire by:

  • Establishing rules. Owners should create and distribute fire safety rules to all residents. Rules can include limiting the use of space heaters, keeping a fire extinguisher in the home, prohibiting smoking in the building, advising safe cooking habits, or even prohibiting the use of grills.
  • Post an escape plan. A fire escape plan must be explained to residents and posted in a visible location. A plan should include calling 911, testing door handles to prevent burns, leaving personal belongings, and staying low to the ground to avoid smoke inhalation.
  • Encourage residents to report any issues. Residents don’t often report minor problems, but unreported issues such as fraying wires, broken appliances, or malfunctioning smoke detectors can increase fire risk. Create a positive relationship with tenants to encourage them to communicate about possible fire risks.

Occupant Protection

Protecting building occupants in the event of a fire requires several actions. Primarily, occupant protection depends on how well you and your property management team keep up the property and install fire protection devices like smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. It also depends on whether you’ve communicated an escape plan and kept the property free of debris that could block emergency exits or fire escapes. 

In addition to these elements, consider installing a building-wide alarm system and emergency lights in case the power goes out. Use fire-resistant carpet in hallways and other common areas. Also, include emergency phones in public spaces in your condo where residents can call if they notice flames or smoke and can’t get to a cell phone. 

Containment and Extinguishment

Fires require oxygen, heat, or fuel to burn, so limiting these elements can contain or put out a fire. Consider placing fire blankets and extinguishers on your property to control or extinguish a fire. Install fire extinguishers in areas where residents commonly travel, including hallways, laundry rooms, and near building exits. 

You may also work with your property management company to install sprinklers on your property. The National Fire Protection Association reports that sprinklers can reduce fire deaths by 89%. 

Protect Your Property With Condominium Management in New Orleans

Protecting your property against fire can save lives and thousands in damages. Hire Certain Management, condominium management in New Orleans, to help you review elements of your condo’s fire safety readiness and implement protection strategies. 

Contact Certain Management today to discuss your property management needs in the greater New Orleans area. 

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