Prepare Your New Orleans Property for Hurricane Season

June 1st is the official start of hurricane season in New Orleans, an extremely low-lying city that is highly vulnerable to flooding and sits right in the middle of some of the most hurricane-prone areas on the Gulf Coast. Preparing your property for this hurricane season is crucial.

The key to an uneventful hurricane season for your property is preparation. If you take the following steps well before a hurricane, your property can weather the storm and emerge relatively unscathed. 

Understand the Risks

Not all areas of New Orleans face the same risk of flooding and damage when a hurricane hits. The City of New Orleans and Louisiana State University publishes maps of New Orleans with the flood-prone areas highlighted. Check if any of your properties are in at-risk areas and take extra precautions. 

Purchase Hurricane and Flooding Insurance

Even after using risk mitigation strategies, hurricanes can still damage your property due to flying debris, falling trees, or damaged electrical wires. To ensure you don’t suffer financial strain while repairing your property, purchase hurricane and flood insurance. 

The rate depends on the property type and the potential risk it faces during severe weather. Peace of mind and funds to do repairs are worth the investment. However, once a named storm is active in the Gulf of Mexico, purchasing insurance for a property in New Orleans is not possible.

Clean and Secure Your Property

Some minor flooding and hurricane damage can be avoided with proper preparation. Here are some things you can do if your New Orleans property is located in a high-risk area for floods and hurricanes.  

  • Photograph your property from several angles with time stamps for your insurance company.
  • Trim all trees and outdoor plants.
  • Clean and remove debris from gutters, drains, sewer/storm drains, streets, sidewalks, and driveways.
  • Check your roof for loose tiles, shingles, and noticeable holes or cuts. 
  • Bring all outdoor furniture and garbage bins indoors. 
  • Move all your possessions to the highest floor.
  • Install a sump pump in your basement to get rid of excess water.
  • Purchase a backup generator to power essential appliances if there is a power outage.
  • Cover your windows with storm shutters or plywood sheets before the storm hits. 

Prepare for Outages

If the damage from the storm is severe, city services like water, gas, and electricity might be shut off to your property. During a storm, you can prepare for this possibility by making sure fridges are empty, gas lines are shut off but not disconnected, and any at-risk or sensitive electronics have been unplugged to prevent surges and short circuits. 

If you own a condominium, a company offering property management in New Orleans can help you respond to floods and hurricanes quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of your tenants. Certain Management provides a 24-hour emergency response service to protect your property. We also offer comprehensive preventative maintenance services, such as janitorial, security, and groundskeeping, so you can ensure your property is prepared for natural disasters. 

Preparing in Advance is Key

If a hurricane is headed for New Orleans, the lines for plywood to cover windows will be long, tree trimming services will be booked, and home insurance will be impossible to purchase. Hiring a property management service will ensure that you have all these things ready well in advance, so you can focus on keeping your loved ones safe and secure during this time, and you will have peace of mind that your property will be safe and secure during the storm. 
Contact Certain Management at (504) 342-2554 or use our online form to learn more about condominium management in New Orleans as well as our preventative maintenance and emergency response services.

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