Welcoming 5 New Properties: Expanding Our Footprint in New Orleans

Certain Management is thrilled to announce the addition of five new properties to our portfolio in the vibrant city of New Orleans and The Northshore. As a leading property management company committed to delivering exceptional services, we are constantly expanding and forging new partnerships. 

Our team is excited to extend a warm welcome to these trusted clients, as we embark on a journey together to provide top-notch management solutions and ensure their investments thrive. Here we will introduce you to our newest additions and highlight the advantages they bring to our growing family of properties.

La Cour Condominiums, New Orleans

Located in The Garden District, La Cour Condominiums exudes the charm and character that New Orleans is famous for. We’re delighted to be entrusted with the management of La Cour Condominiums and with our expertise, we aim to enhance the tenant experience, optimize operational efficiency, and elevate the property’s overall value.

NEW PROPERTY - La Cour Condominiums, 1112-13 9th Street, New Orleans
La Cour Condominiums, 1112-13 9th Street, New Orleans

Greenleaves Manor, Mandeville

on the Northshore in Mandeville, Greenleaves Manor boasts a collection of beautifully designed condominiums. Our partnership with this property allows us to leverage our extensive knowledge of the local market and provide tailored management services to ensure the satisfaction of both residents and owners. We look forward to maintaining this property’s reputation as a sought-after address in Mandeville, Louisiana.

NEW PROPERTY - Greenleaves Manor, 100 Pine Ridge, Mandeville
Greenleaves Manor, 100 Pine Ridge, Mandeville

1161 Lake Condominiums, Metairie

Situated in Metairie, 1161 Lake Condominiums is a prime commercial building that is the epitome of modernity and functionality. We are honored to be chosen as the property management company responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations, including leasing, maintenance, and tenant relations. Our goal is to maximize occupancy rates and facilitate a seamless working environment for all tenants.

1161 Lake Condominiums, 1161 Lake Avenue, Metairie
1161 Lake Condominiums, 1161 Lake Avenue, Metairie

Lorraine Condominiums, New Orleans

With its stunning architecture and history, Lorraine Condominiums on St Charles Avenue in Uptown New Orleans is a true gem in the city’s real estate market. As the entrusted property managers, we will work tirelessly to ensure that this historical building maintains its reputation as a prestigious address. From concierge services to regular maintenance, our dedicated team is committed to delivering excellence and upholding the high standards expected by the residents.

NEW PROPERTY - Lorraine Condominiums, 8000 St Charles Avenue, New Orleans
Lorraine Condominiums, 8000 St Charles Avenue, New Orleans

3211 Prytania Condominiums, New Orleans

3211 Prytania Condominiums, is a charming historical property formally known as the Indigo Plantation located in the Heart of the Garden District. This exciting addition to our portfolio is in an excellent location, located just one block off of St Charles Ave and the Parade Route. By employing our proven strategies for successful property management, we will help 3211 Prytania Condominiums keep their charm and historic value as a thriving destination for both residents and businesses.

3211 Prytania Condominiums, 3211 Prytania Street, New Orleans
3211 Prytania Condominiums, 3211 Prytania Street, New Orleans

Rounding Things Up

The addition of these five remarkable properties to our roster marks an exciting chapter in the growth of our property management company in New Orleans. At Certain Management, we are passionate about providing exceptional services to our trusted clients, and we are thrilled to welcome these properties into our family. 

With our extensive industry experience and unwavering dedication, we look forward to forging lasting partnerships and ensuring the success and prosperity of these properties for years to come. Stay tuned for more updates and success stories from our expanding portfolio and VIEW ALL OUR PROPERTIES here.

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